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De afgelopen jaren hebben we op de DYA dag veel aandacht besteed aan ethiek en ecosystemen. Twee onderwerpen waarvan niet direct evident is hoe ze samenhangen. Dit jaar komen deze en meerdere onderwerpen samen in een nieuwe visie op Enterprise Architectuur: “Sensemaking Architecture”. De diversiteit van ons vakgebied Enterprise Architectuur is hetgeen dat ons scherp houdt. Elke onderwerp heeft aanhangers en criticasters en voor beide kanten is iets te zeggen. Soms omdat onderwerpen alleen situationeel gelden, soms omdat er onderzoek nodig is om re relevantie van een onderwerp aan te tonen Dit zal ongetwijfeld ook gelden voor de onderwerpen van…

Hoe ga je om met chaos?

Iedereen weet al jaren dat Digitale Transformatie essentieel is om te overleven in wat nu het nieuwe normaal is. Digitale transformatie opent de mogelijkheid om snel te reageren op veranderingen ongeacht of die van buiten de organisatie komen of van binnen de organisatie. Deze veranderingen nemen in snelheid en onvoorspelbaarheid toe.

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Met name de onvoorspelbaarheid leidt er onvermijdelijk toe dat de organisatie slachtoffer wordt van een disruptie. Het is een duivels dilemma waar we voor staan. …

Als we praten over ecosystemen in de architectuur dan hebben we het over ‘eenheden van organisaties die naast en samen met elkaar bestaan’. Welke uitwisseling zorgt voor een evenwicht in een organisatie?

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Laat ik eens een parallel trekken naar de natuur. Een meertje is een ecosysteem van flora en fauna. Een meertje in een bos is een ecosysteem in een ecosysteem. Een bos in een gebied is een ecosysteem in een ecosysteem in een ecosysteem. De schoonheid van de natuur zit in deze vorm van herhaling genaamd recursie.


Een definitie van een…

Every action is a moral choice. Every design constitutes a subset of all theoretically available possibilities. This also holds for the design of a digital solution. A design always defines the behavioral choices of its users in some way: discouraging some behavior and stimulating other behavior. Technology cannot be neutral.

This blog was originally posted on SogetiLabs at 2020 Sept 04.

Value sensitive architecture is not only aware of the economical aspects of enterprise architecture design choices, but also of their impact on personal and public values.

In this whitepaper, we introduce the main lenses to look at ethics and…

After being pushed into uncharted territories in the current situation, businesses facing unprecedented challenges are, more often than not, pushed to make difficult choices: adapt and evolve or break away under stress. However, I believe it is time to stop looking at things in ‘black and white’. I, instead, encourage organizations to look at the future and embrace emerging opportunities to thrive. Read on to learn about my take on resilient behavior patterns that can help organizations stay afloat — and thrive — in these times of disruption.

This blog was originally posted on SogetiLabs at 2020 Aug 19.


Turbulent times ask for resilient organizations

The financial crisis of 2008, the dotcom crisis of 2000 and the current crisis of 2020, all highlight the need for organizations to become resilient or even antifragile to survive (unexpected) external stressors so that they continue to remain significant for their stakeholders.

This blog was originally posted on SogetiLabs on 2020 Jul 22.

— — — — -

So, what is antifragility, and what is its application in organizational design?

In my master thesis titled “Defining Antifragility and the application on Organisation Design,” I have combined research literature on resilience with antifragile attributes, as well as a variety of engineering models to form the Extended Antifragile Attribute List (EAAL) model.

But before we delve deeper into the EAAL model, let’s look at EAAL’s conceptual model.


We are all familiar with Kodak, its incredible invention, and its not-so-incredible fall. The heydays of Kodak selling films earned them the well-deserved ‘Kodak moment’ glory. The glory that defined how success looks like. However, times change.

This blog was originally posted on SogetiLabs at 2020 May 06

The digital era began, cameras went digital, and photos were being transferred and viewed digitally. Kodak witnessed the change. Attempts were made to cope with the changing times, but they fell short, the condition worsened, and the downfall began.

The situation was chaotic at the time. However, in the hindsight, the reason…

It has become clear that staying relevant is a different ballgame compared to fifteen years ago. The world has changed from a collection of complicated issues into a complex and often unpredictable set of problems. Innovative trends and hypes are popping up continuously, causing a flow of disruption and unpredictability. Knowledge and technology are democratised, free for the public and out there to stay.

This blog was originally posted on SogetiLabs at 2019 Dec 11

In the article below, we define the elements that influence our new normal. We help to identify that what we do as architects is not…

The future is about speed and uncertainty (VUCA). The question is how our organisations are going to deal with this reality. “The average age of an S&P 500 company is under 20 years” (cnbc.com). “The forecast is that this drops to 14 years” (inc.com). What does it mean when this drops under the six years average, for the strategic planning?

This blog was originally posted on SogetiLabs at 2019 Jul 15.

In previous blogs, agile and ecosystems were positioned in this context. But these two are not enterprise design methods. …

We all knew this day would come. Agile is slowly but surely reaching its end. What started as an enabler for IT to deliver value at speed, is now evolving into its own downfall. In this blog, I take a view on what this means for the IT industry and the way forward.

This blog was originally posted on SogetiLabs at 2019 Jul 10

Agile is defined by the agile manifesto as the combination of four values and twelve principles, underlined by the following:

  1. that value is only what is in the hands of the customer,
  2. that achieving delivered value…

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